Chavurat Hamidbar
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Chavurah Hamidbar

Fellowship of the Desert

The Chavurah is an eclectic-traditional community without a building or paid professional functionary. Our prayer leaders and Torah readers are both men and women. Our prayer books and bibles (Sim Shalom, Revised Plaut, New Machzor) are issued by various movements, and we sit mixed, family-style. All are welcome.

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The Chavurah was formed in 1973 by a few families to provide an “extended family” for Jewish life in services, celebrations, education and companionship without the encumbrances of a structured congregation such as a building and paid professional functionaries.  Chavurat Hadmidbar (“The Fellowship of the Desert”) is the full name of our group.  When we refer to ourselves as members of the Chavurah (“Fellowship”) we are using the abbreviated form of the noun.

Over the years, we have found a happy, dynamic, common ground.  Our membership has remained fairly constant–about 80 families and singles for the past 12-13 years.  Our members come from various walks of life.  Ages range from young families with babies/children to grandparents and seniors, several of whose children grew up and were married in the Chavurah.


Guests are welcome to join us for Chavurah events, celebrations and high holiday services.

Those who would like to participate actively and join our community can become members by joining the Chavurah.

Requirements for membership include paying annual dues and serving as Chavurah secretary for two months.  The position of secretary is a rotating position and comes up for a member about once every 7 – 8 years.

We have business meetings every two months, in which any decisions regarding the Chavurah are made.  Every member has one vote, but only those present at the meeting are allowed to vote.

Members are encouraged to host services and education events, and help to organize at least one of the holiday celebrations annually.

We have a monthly newsletter that is distributed by email to most members and by US mail to those who do not use email.  Details about services and activities are provided in the newsletters.  If you are not currently a member, but would like to find out more information, please use the contact form.

Membership Dues

Family annual membership dues:  $130  ($150 after December 31)

Individual annual membership dues: $65 ($75 after December 31)

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