Chavurah Cemetery Rules

August, 2012

Amended and ratified at the Chavurah Business Meeting August 20, 2012

  1. The Chavurah cemetery is a Jewish cemetery subject to Chavurah rules.
  2. Jewish members are allowed only a Jewish burial. The Chavurah permits the services of a Jewish military chaplain and, if one is not available, the family can have a Jewish service combined with a military honor guard.
  3. The burial of a non-Jewish spouse/partner of a Jewish member is allowed.
  4. The burial of non-Jews is allowed with a Jewish service, a secular service, or a service led by a Jewish Military Chaplain. However, if a Jewish Chaplain is not available, any Military Chaplain may officiate, but may perform only a secular service.
  5. Burial of ashes or embalming is not allowed for all interred in the Chavurah cemetery.
  6. The burial of a deceased with missing body parts is allowed in the Chavurah cemetery.
  7. Non-Jewish religious symbols in Chavurat Hamidbar’s cemetery, particularly on grave markers, are not allowed. Photographs, engraved or attached in any other form on grave markers, are not allowed.
  8. Grave markers are personal property and may be covered under the homeowners insurance.  Therefore, in case of theft or vandalism, it is the family responsibility to replace or take care of the marker.  (Fairview, does not insure grave markers.)  We encourage families to photograph the grave markers of their family members in case replacement is required. Replacing grave markers (due to vandalism or theft) of persons without known families will be addressed on an individual basis.  (Per Fairview the cost is anywhere from $500 to $2,000.)
  9. The Chavurah allows burial in its cemetery of all Chavurah members (Jewish and non-Jewish) including adult children who are considered members (per Chavurah resolution: (1) Up to the 22nd birthday a person is considered part of the existing family, (2) after the 22nd birthday, and if holding a full time job or equivalent, the person is considered financially independent and should pay regular membership dues (3) after the 22nd birthday, a member who is a full-time student or not financially independent, would be charged dues of $15 for one or $30 for a family, i.e., two married students.)  Exceptions may be made by the Cemetery Committee in the case of children with disabilities and those unable to care for themselves, on an individual basis. The Committee will also consider, on a case by case basis, selling plots for, and burial, of adult children of Chavura members. Plots can be purchased by a person who has been a member in good standing for at least three months.

NOTE: Whenever the Chavurah Cemetery Committee Member is notified of the death of a Chavurah member or spouse, he/she will forward a copy of these rules and regulation to the family and inform the rest of the committee of that action.  In addition, the Committee Member who is contacted will inquire who will conduct the funeral and indicate if there is any conflict with the rules and regulation. Committee Members should have a current copy of these rules and regulations.